ATL ON FIRE - Fans of Atlanta United FC

#14 S2 Ep 3 - Wow. Atlanta United Really Hates Orlando. Frank de Boer Out! Things are Pity ugly for Atlanta supporters.

July 22, 2020

MLS is Back, ATL ON FIRE is Back, but does not want to be…. ATL UTD is terrible.  I’m running solo tonight for the first time. How did we do in MLS is Back? 3 games, 3 losses. No points, no goals, simply awful. Maybe we just hate Orlando that much? But seriously, Frank de Boer clearly did not have this team prepared and up for playing. We have no leadership on the field. The commentators even took shots at Frank de Boer and laughed at “total football” when he put Jon Gallagher (Forward) at left center back when Meza got hurt.  Commentators are not typically going to call out senstive things that did not happen, like a plane that was supposed to fly over the stadium with a “Frank De Boer Out” Banner. Pity Martinez continues to embarrass himself. Barco is clearly a talent, but he should just ask to be transferred in the next window, so he does not waste away at this club and league. Overall, MLS has a lot of issues, and the fact that the Crew was just “okay” speaks volumes of where the quality level is in general.  

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